The Beauty Tips for Chapped Lips Treatment

The Beauty Tips for Chapped Lips Treatment

Smooth and soft lips, or maybe like a sponge, most woman want that kind of lips, but once the lips quickly dehydration, become dry and shrink. I will give you some tips to have a chapped lip treatment. Because the lips always exposed, it will tend to be quick dehydration, especially during cold or windy. But use the wrong cosmetics can cause dry mouth, or when we are in a less healthy body condition.
Because the skin of lips is very different with the skin on the other our bodies, the lip’s skin is very thin  and cannot produce oil itself, the drought will cause a red, rough (sometimes can be very painful), and chapped lips so the color of lipstick cannot make use of our durable.

Tips for chapped lip treatment:

Drink enough water

As we know that we need around 8 glasses of water in a day, and more water in some occasion is give you a lot of benefit. If we didn’t drink enough water, lips is the first part that will be look dehydrated, for a long term your skin will be dehydrated and then your body.  We need enough water to keep it hydrated.

Stop licking your lips

Sometimes when we feel dryness in our lips, we usually licking our lips with your tongue you make it getting worst because after your saliva dry your lips will dyer then before, that because saliva contain with enzymes. My suggestion is put a lip balm.

Choose the right lip balm

A lot of lip balm in the store, with a lot cosmetic brand that you can choose, but not all lip balm is suit for you. You need to know the ingredients before you buy the product. Shea butter, vitamin E, almond, coconut and jojoba, all are for dehydrate lips. For sensitive skin you can choose lip balm special for sensitive, because contain is special for sensitive skin (I use Curlicue lip care for my sensitive lip).

Use lipstick with SPF

like your other face skin, lips need to be protect from sun, because your lips can be so painful if you have sunburn, so protect it with lipstick or lip balm with SPF.

Don’t use matte lipstick everyday

I know that matte are sexy, but if you use it all the time your lips will be get dehydrate more quickly. So sometimes use the glossy one or lipstick with rich moisture.

Exfoliating is need

Sometimes we need to exfoliate our lips too, but doesn’t use exfoliate cream for your skin, use the exfoliated cream especially for lips, for slough off the dead skin, and massage gentle with circular moving.

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