Non-Surgical and Surgical Face-Lift

Saggy and low volume face is the cause of low self-confidence and depression in the ever-changing modern world. Male and Females are conscious about their looks and may begin to develop a negative self–image. Reshaping uplifting of face and neck.

If you are among those who want to restore and rejuvenate the appearance of deflated face and neck face-lift then you must contact Dr. Barira Bashir, who is the best female plastic surgeon who provides you promising results. Still, not all are inclined towards surgical procedures.  Some non-surgical methods like laser and radio-frequency tightening, PRP and micro-needling (vampire face-lift), face fillers and botox, thread-lift, and minimally invasive face-lift.

Cost of non-surgical face and neck lift

  • The cost of non-surgical face and neck lift is a variable either complete package or single procedure cost only.
  • The complete package includes four sessions radio-frequency, four sessions of PRP plus microneedling costs around 15000 Pkr per session.
  • A single session of thread lift required, which costs around 60 to 80,000 Pkr.
  • Surgical face-lift requires sedation and local anesthesia liposuction of double chin, neck, and face-lift cost around 130 to 1,60,000 Pkr package including preoperative, postoperative preparations, procedure, anesthesia, and medication.

Risk factors

Surgical procedures have minimum complications under experience hands. There is a rare chance of complications that results from bruising, swelling, wound dehiscence, and facial nerve damage.

Any restrictions inactivity

  • To avoid any strenuous activity for at least three weeks.
  • Early return to light routine – daily routine from the following procedure. One needs to wear a supporting chin band for 3 to 6weeks.
  • The final shape will be achieved after 3 to 6 months


Before proceeding ahead, A patient should be aware of all the consequences he/she must avoid some particular things after the surgery to prevent any mishappening. Moreover, Dr. Barira Bashir is a well-known best plastic surgeon near me, and you may contact her for further discussion if you are interested in having a non-surgical or surgical face-lift.

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