What is Lacking Fat in Face Skin Care Treatment

What is Lacking Fat in Face Skin Care Treatment

I wish I could say otherwise, but the truth is you cannot trust any product claiming to be not – Kommunizma. This is because there are no procedures or guidelines acceptable for these claims.

Why is it so difficult, if not impossible, to find creams that create clogged pores? That’s because almost all the ingredients for cosmetic use (except water) can create a “blockage”, depending on skin type. There is evidence for some specific elements that can aggravate the problem, but there is no absolute information and test date. I really want to be, but no.

There are several websites which have lists of comedienne substances, mostly a source of information is the guide of Dr. Fulton (Dr. Fulton) – “Step by step guide to acne” (Step By Step Guide to Acne). At that time was a long time ago, relatively. The research of Dr. Pluto was missing – a precedent.

Fulton applied cosmetic ingredients on rabbits’ ears and waited to see what happens. As this study was promising, no one has repeated it later and confirmed his results and other tests. He barely cited in later studies, and use of the results was done mainly by manufacturers, if it suited them …

There are many reasons why “black lists” those are unreliable:

The method of the study mentioned included concentrated and pure form of the ingredient, not the way he appears in this preparation (usually a small amount). It also did not address the issue of usage and application. Ingredients – Cleaning – cleanser – remain on the skin for a few seconds. Versus a lotion, `tax remaining hours. the risks of exposure in both these forms are different.
This study did not examine all these “guests” new on store shelves – new plant extracts or sunscreens … These came later from the early eighties. In short – the existing list is obsolete.
Also common-comedienne ingredients “- will not cause problem if they are in preparation in small quantities, that is – the end of a list of ingredients.
There are currently thousands of different components that are used in cosmetics and makeup. Many of them are softening, such condensers – wax or factors – stimulation that can cause problems – different skin. A comprehensive list would be not only impossible – possible, but a matter of conjecture and speculation.

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