Simple Tips to Help You Get the Most Out of New Hair Products

Simple Tips to Help You Get the Most Out of New Hair Products

How to use products may seem like common sense but, as the saying goes common sense is not so common; especially when it comes to natural hair care products. Between shampoos, puddings, gels, dangle, and leave-ins, finding out how to use certain products can be hard work. We here are some tips that I use to help me get the most out of new products and help you find staples for your regimen.


When I’m trying out a new leave-in, I clarify my hair to make sure I have zero buildup. My clarifying shampoo of choice is Garner Fructose Pure Clean Fortifying Shampoo. I use it every six months and I love it so far. Cleans really well but, doesn’t strip my hair.

Follow The Directions

I know some of you are probably like “Duh!” but, you will be amazed at how many people don’t follow the directions on products. If a Deep Conditioner says leave on for 20 minutes, follow that time frame first and then adjust accordingly. Doing this can also save you from causing damage that may result in a setback.

Layer Products Correctly

This is a big one for me, I find that some naturals don’t know how to layer products. Here is how I layer: Damp Hair Water Based Leave-In Conditioner Butters/Oils (sealants) Gel/Styles. This is why starting with clean hair is so important; after all of these products week after week, I doubt a leave-in conditioner would be able to penetrate my hair without a proper shampooing/cleansing.

Read The Ingredients

Even if a product claims to be a moisturizer, if it does not contain water or aloe Vera in at least the top 5 ingredients then it’s not going to moisturize and would be better suited as a sealant used on top of an adequate moisturizer.

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