Think About Your Hair Beauty

Think About Your Hair Beauty

I have never been the type of person who tends to use the same cosmetics for more than a month / two. Changes in this state of affairs came with the lack of time and the fact that I was tired of constant shopping and looking for something new, sometimes even for strength, just to try.
Last purchase titled “because others have “the L’Oreal Mythic Oil serum has been left, which probably most of us, if it wasn’t on our test list. About this first impression I had about it and what I think about this serum after several months of use you will learn from this post.

Yes, something happened with my hair 😉 I may not feel this intimidatingly, but I can see when comparing photos how bad they look today compared to those in January.

What are the reasons for this?

What have I done wrong?

Well, care has not turned upside down, everything happens standard. The only change was a slight undercutting of the tips and inclusion for regular use of Hair oil, which I wrote about that week.

Unfortunately, it seems that this is all his doing:

I will fight this with masks and flax seed, I should manage with it, because the tips are not split or anything.

I noticed that I also have a problem with the scalp, horror; I have scabs that itch me terribly! Wearing tied hair borders on the miracle, because my skin burns and my bulbs hurt, I feel like I have a brick attached to my hair, so I wear a braid…. Following this, I changed the washing product to Facile, it’s a little better, and we’ll see what’s next.

I like to tint hair and although it seems to be a complicated process, it really gets easier and less stressful over time, because it is a vegetable paint and you never know how it will come out.

I took the pictures after drying and gently untangling the tips with my fingers, because the comb will not get into this pile of hay, and I do not like to mix henna with any nutrients.

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