The Not All Hair Dryers Are Equal for Hair Care

The Not All Hair Dryers Are Equal for Hair Care

Not all hair dryers are equal. I know, I know, you might dispute this if you’ve had a Con-air that’s lasted since your college days, or if you’ve been able to dry your hair successfully with a hand-me-down dryer from your mother. But, if you think about it, drying your hair is just part of the job of a hair blow dryer.

Making our hair look neat and well-kept is a priority for most of us, especially because our hair is one of the first things people notice when we walk into a room. Keeping our hair styled and looking gorgeous may require professional products—and definitely professional tools.

The job of a hairdryer is not just to dry your hair, but to help style your hair the way your stylist would. One professional hair dryer that will give you that straight-from-the-salon look is the Else dryer.

Although Else dryers are used by professionals, they are not exclusive to salons. You can purchase an Else dryer to use at home, and you may be surprised that you won’t be paying more than you would for other popular brands on the market. Else hair dryers vary in features, and consequently in price, and you should choose the Else dryer that fits your needs—as well as your price point.

One of the features on an Else dryer that may make the price vary is the wattage that the dryer carries. Usually, you will get about 1800 watts from an Else dryer, but it may be more or less, depending on the model. Some models go up to 2000 watts.

The more watts the dryer has, the faster the dryer will dry your hair. Since all Else dryers are have excellent drying capabilities, no matter the wattage, find a dryer with the highest amount of watts in the price range that fits your budget.

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