Beauty Tips According to Zodiac Signs

Women love makeup and use it to add to their natural beauty. Here are some beauty tips for all zodiac signs:


Keep eye makeup simple and focus on lip color. Black eyeliner and neutral eye shadow is a good choice. Pat a thin layer of foundation to spread evenly and soft blush is all you need. 


To stand out prominent in the crowd, makeup is indispensable. Use emerald green or beige eye shadow to enhance beauty of the eyes. Go for nude in lipstick to become graceful and stylish. 


For the outgoing Gemini, makeup plays a vital role. White and blue shades in eye makeup is awesome. Blue liner is going to perk up the overall face. Dusty rose or pink lipstick will be suitable. 


Cancer woman attracts others with her romantic elements. Blue shade for eyelids is simply perfect. Peach blush will add glamour. Coral or salmon shade in lipstick is recommended. 


Gold tone is ideal for the charming Leo. Wear warm brown eye shadow. Use clear according to your natural skin tone. Choose foundation in gold to look sophisticated. 


Go for simplicity rather than adding too much sparkle or glamour to your makeup. Brown eye shadow is superb. Blush in skin color and chestnut lipstick is going to enhance the beauty. 


Highlight eyes to impress the crowd. Apply extended eyeliner to make eyes more attractive. The ideal tones are grey and champagne. If you are going to an evening party, smoke colored black and grey can be the best option. Finish with chocolate brown lip color.


Achieve what you desire with makeup that suits you. Red and black shades are perfect makeup combinations. These will give bold effect. Green and blue color in eye shadow is another choice. Apply copper color on the lips. Brown is also a good alternate. It will add grace. 


For the adventurous Sagittarius woman a navy blue eye liner is all you need. To show your self-confidence, wear carmine red or claret red lipstick. 


For the strong-minded Capricorn woman, here are some makeup tips:

Apply makeup in a way that will highlight your face beauty. For the eyelids, lavender is ideal. Brown will also look graceful. Use eyeliner according to eye shape, preferably the extended one to focus the eye area. As for the lipstick, tile red is the one that is going to give a nice bold effect. 


Aquarius woman is freedom lover. To enhance beauty of the eyes, blue tones are recommended. These can be from soft sky blue to bold navy blue. To make cheeks smile, use pink blush. As for the lip color, pink or lilac is going to look awesome. Use lip gloss if you want to add some glamour. 


For sensible Pisces woman, soft colors are good to go for. Avoid dark tones and heavy eye makeup. Keep it simple, light and sophisticated. Coral pink or light peach lip color will add charm. 

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