The Common Myths About Weight Loss

The Common Myths About Weight Loss

Common Myths about Weight Loss

When it comes to nutrition and especially ideas about diet and to remove the excess pounds, human imagination invented all kinds of myths that, surprisingly, are based on an explanation that even a first approach seems to be real.

We know very well (or find) a good diet will be required as a personalized nutrition. The body gives us many messages asking us what it needs, you just have to learn to understand and make the difference between cravings and nutritional needs.

To cut to the chase I extracted below most believed myths about food, here they are:

Bread is first eliminated from a diet food. Unfortunately, this step is a mistake. The bread contains carbohydrates important for our body, but the fattening effects consist of bread with the rest of improper food combination.

It is not good to eat fat (eg fried foods, fatty sausage, bacon) with bread or bread with French fries (potatoes also have a high content of carbohydrates), etc.. Cheese, tea, milk, eggs, honey is food that is fit for such a healthy breakfast. But bread is good when consumed in normal amounts.

Grapefruit to lose weight

This myth was founded on the principle that the citric acid content of the fruit (higher than the rest of the citrus fruit) would melt fat deposits. Unfortunately citric acid will not interfere directly with fat cells in an attempt to “persuade them” to mobilize fat. Citrus fruits are beneficial for their content of vitamins, especially vitamin C, involved in many metabolic processes. But these benefits cannot guarantee the elimination of excess pounds.

Do not eat afternoon

If you eat after that time or the body will absorb everything and you will not get rid of pounds. If you eat well or sleep at night you will not have nightmares. These two assertions are myths. Whether or not eat at night, the body absorbs the same as a table, regardless of the time So back to the second statement.

It is obvious that the food you eat for dinner is hard to digest, with high in fat and protein (steak, sophisticated dishes, etc..) Will be busy digesting stomach and make sure you do not sleep. But if you eat food and drinks at dinner with calming effect and inducing sleep, you will not have problems.

Light drinks not fat

After explaining them about the artificial sweeteners you can already conclude Light drinks that contain artificial sweeteners, will have the effects listed above.

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