How Not to Get Fat While Watching TV Just Focus on Lose Weight

How Not to Get Fat While Watching TV Just Focus on Lose Weight

Staying at home watching your favorite TV drama can be real disaster for your appearance – it is widely known. According to some studies one hour spent in front of TV will give you extra 200 calories that could be burned. For an year this means about 10-12 extra pounds! This is a lot of extra weight to loose!

While watching TV and eating at same time our body cannot control appetite and satiety. This is why you just keep eating, even when you are already full. Therefore, giving up from this weight-gaining habit, you can lower your calorie intake drastically. In other words – you will start a diet easily.

Although this is harder to achieve, than it sounds, there are some tricks that may help you:

First you can simply replace high-calorie snacks with low-calorie and healthier food. Take fruit instead of sandwich – peach, apple, pear, plum or pine-apple (but not tinned) depends on your taste.

Your hunger can be easily satisfied with cabbage salad, carrots, or salad with tomatoes and cucumber, with little olive oil for dressing.

Give up coffee and black tea (they increase gastric and enteric function thus increasing stomach acidity and hunger), soda and other sweetened beverages. Water and fresh should be your choice.

Make use of the time during commercials. In a typical one hour show there is about fifteen minutes of ads, broken into three pieces of 5 minutes.

Do you watch them?

Use the time for some exercising like rope jumping 5 minutes rope jumping burns about 60-90 calories. It doesn’t seem much, but do the math – 5 minutes, three times a day are 15 minutes (if you watch TV one hour a day). This is about 200-240 calories burned in a day, or about 1500 in a week.

It is a rule that 3500 calk burned are one pound of weight loss, so you will lose about half a pound just by utilizing the commercials. At the end of the year the potential weight loss is about 20 pounds.But maybe the most effective measure is simply not to sit in front of the TV. A 30-minute walk in the neighborhood with your better half is far more interesting Or 30-minutes in the bedroom…

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