The Quesadilla and Empire Academy for Make Up

The Quesadilla and Empire Academy for Make Up

Quesadilla School of Make-up Art is a place full of inspiration, in which future make-up artists gain knowledge about professional makeup techniques.

It’s the perfect space to experiment with styles, trends and colors a place where the creativity and individuality of each of the course participants is shaped.

The creative director of the school is the charismatic make-up artist Alex Box.
She is one of the world’s top greatest makeup masters.
She is an artist whose name is known throughout the world of fashion.

Her provocative and bold style imitates hundreds of young artists.
She is one of the few and exceptional lecturers for whom learning is a mission and work is the greatest passion.

Quesadilla offers a diverse range of painting techniques at different levels of teaching.
Training prices and their duration are incomparable to prices in our country.

A two-day training on eye makeup techniques costs 375 pounds, or about 1800 PLN.
A ten-day course on make-up combined with hair stylization is a cost of 1,850 pounds, or about 9,400, 17 PLN.

You probably agree that these are not small amounts compared to earnings in Poland.
For our taste, these training’s are a bit too short 🙂 10 days to learn a profession?

Don’t you think
Of course, we, as a school, would not mind that two days of school cost 9,000.
For us it would be a paradise on earth 🙂
In Select now 18 days of classes costs PLN 2,200 so we will stay in the sphere of dreams for a long time.

Of the thousands of schools preparing for the profession of a make-up artist, California empire academy of makeup up deserves special attention, offering a multi-level offer of specialized courses in a selected field.

The academy students undergo numerous apprenticeships, supplying teams of image professionals at events of the largest caliber: Golden Globes, MTV Music Awards, Grammy, Daytime Emmy Awards, and as make-up artists such as Britney Spears, Christina Aguilar, Macy Gray Madonna, Scarlet Johnson, Rolling Stones, Jessica Bill, or 50 Cent.

Working on film sets, filming movies, and television programs or creating editorials for top magazines, and with active participation in photo shoots of excellent photographers, participants of empire academy of makeup gain the best qualifications.

Science at the academy is one of the most expensive on the market / e.g. 100 hours of learning is around PLN /, but completing it is certainly a ticket to meet the industry’s most demanding challenges and thus guarantees professional fulfillment.

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