The Perfect Dress for a Carnival With Make Up

The Perfect Dress for a Carnival With Make Up

Tailored make-up

Dress from the latest collection. Is! Amazing shoes to dance all night are! Good humor and a desire to have fun always! Do you think you’re perfectly prepared for the evening out? Wait a minute … you didn’t forget about makeup?

Of course, one that only highlights the advantages of the selected creation. If you have a problem assessing whether the make-up you plan to do will suit your styling, see a few quick tips. Thanks to them you will always look impeccable and avoid a fashion slip-up.

Praise for moderation

The “less, the better” principle can be applied in almost every situation. It also always works when it comes to choosing a make-up for the outfit and it is worth to strictly adhere to it if we prefer to avoid the effect of a theatrical mask or a carnival costume. For modest, uniform dresses, you can choose shiny eye shadows without fear. Those in strong, strong colors correspond well with the legendary “little black” and other dresses kept in a dark color palette.

Enriched with shiny particles will additionally emphasize the festive character of the evening, but these should be avoided when our creation is already enriched with such applications, lace embroidery or sewn from shiny material. Extremely sexy and above all fashionable dresses in flesh-colored, it is the perfect background for the infamous “smoky eyes”.

This frame of the eye will make your look tempt an attractive mystery, and heavily mashed eyelashes will only deepen this effect. Supporters of natural makeup can literally go crazy when choosing a dress. When we emphasize the eyes with a beige shade and cover our lips only with lip gloss, we can afford stylish, colorful and original creations.

Contrasting combinations and gentle patterns

What will never go out of fashion are interesting color combinations. This also applies to the combination of dresses with makeup, although it is worth sticking to the shades that are currently on top. This season, designers recommend dresses in a beautiful tone of bottle green or subdued burgundy. Cosmetics in shades of brown, green and beige will match both of these colors.

Bolder fashion lovers can try to experiment with intense bile, which will look particularly good with brown eyes The pomegranate still appearing on the catwalk looks great in combination with dark almost black make-up. The latter is recommended only to young, wrinkle-free ladies, because the thick layer of the shade will only highlight facial imperfections.

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