Understanding the Wonder of Botox Treatment for Teenagers Skin Care

Understanding the Wonder of Botox Treatment for Teenagers Skin Care

Talking about skin care will more likely touch the topic about Botox. This is how science has changed the world today. However, Botox should be understood correctly so that people, especially teenagers, will know if they need it or not. This is why this article will talk about understanding Botox.

The Origin of Botox

It is funny to note that Botox is actually derived from something with a negative tail on its name. Believe it or not, Botox is derived from a neurotic protein. The name of the protein is botulinum toxin, hence the shortened term Botox. When this is taken in a large dose, it can cause botulism or in other words, food poisoning. This is the very reason why there is a negative connotation to Botox as a health care substance.

Uses for Botox

It is remarkable to note that since the discovery of Botox, uses for it can cover a very broad range of health benefits. First of all, it can of course be a remedy to skin problems. For example, if one finds his or her skin with thin lines or wrinkles, then Botox can fill up these lines and make them disappear. However, it will take about three days from the time the Botox application was done until the time that results will be seen.

After that, it will take about four months to six months for a re-treatment to be needed.

Other functions of Botox are remedy for excessive perspiration, chronic pain, and even migraines. It can also help people with bladder problems and studies have shown that men can benefit from it by reducing their prostate.

How does it Work?

Now, knowing what Botox is and the uses for it, won’t help a person but ask how it works. In a nutshell, it works by stopping nerve impulse from sending messages to the brain. When it stops the nerve impulse, then the tendency of the muscles in the area where it is administered is to relax. When the muscle relaxes, no contractions will happen and thereby softening the wrinkles on the face.

How Botox works will pave the way in understanding why there is a few days period from the time of application to the time of effect. Of course, time is needed for the muscles to really relax and soften the lines of the wrinkles; hence the three to four day period of effectively.

Now that you have a brief knowledge about Botox, perhaps the only question to ask yourself is should you get it or not? It may not be recommended for person in their twenties but if you are older, should you get it or not? The best answer to this will not be seen or given.

The best answer will be given by your dermatologist

It is your dermatologist that can judge whether you’re aging well or your aging bad. Your dermatologist will also determine whether you will need Botox or just other measures. So make sure that before you decide on it, you have talked with your dermatologist.

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