Frequently Asked Questions About Braces in Singapore

It’s common to find people who wear braces, even adults (Yes! braces are not only for kids and teenagers!). Are you thinking of getting one too? There are several things that you should consider before getting braces in Singapore. In this article we will look at some of the popular questions about braces!

What are the some of the possible signs of getting braces?

There are various situations that might show the need of braces, for example:

  • You have an uneven teeth alignment
  • You have an underbite
  • You have an overbite
  • You have crooked teeth
  • You have a tooth or teeth that are protruding towards an odd direction
  • You have weird gaps between your teeth or between your upper and lower jaw
  • You have weird overlaps between your teeth or between your upper and lower jaw

The reasons why certain people need braces and certain people don’t vary from one person to another. For example, you have a small jaw with big teeth. This might be because of genetics. So, there isn’t enough space in the jaw to fit all the teeth. The teeth won’t fit in 1 neat line, but instead goes back and forth overlapping one another. Another case example is an upper jaw that is too big and way too to the front. The upper jaw then needs to be readjusted back and tightened, so it can close over the lower jaw nicely. Braces can help with these situations.

Aside from the signs above, there are other signs that are less visible, such as having trouble chewing food. Many parents don’t realize the need for braces because their children also don’t understand they are experiencing a difficulty in chewing food. It’s important for parents to pay attention to their children’s teeth from early on. The sooner you get braces, the more optimal your results will be.

Are braces painful?

The process of placing and removing your braces should not be painful. It will be a bit uncomfortable because there are a lot of things that your orthodontist needs to do in your mouth, but overall it won’t be painful during this process. Braces are usually painful in the first week or two they are installed, and in the first few week after they are tightened.

In the first week or two after the braces are installed, most people will feel uncomfortable. For some people, it’s painful to eat anything because it’s as if your teeth are under constant pressure. It feels like they are in a constant injury state. That’s why soft foods and cold foods will help. After a week of two, it won’t be as bad anymore because you will get used to the tightening nature of wearing braces. Another possible source of pain will be ulcers, because the metal might scrape your gum a little and cause ulcers.

Over the course of wearing braces, you will need to go and see your orthodontist to get your braces tightened periodically. This will feel like wearing braces for the first time again. Your teeth will need to get used to new level of strain and pressure, so you will feel uncomfortable like the first week or two after placing them. Again, find soft foods and cold foods to help you. Be encouraged, the pain won’t be there forever because it will go away pretty soon.

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